Friday, 29 January 2010

Silly bloggers!

Thursday 28th January

Since my election in May 2009, I've had less and less time to spend online at a desk surfing the web. The effect of this has been two-fold. Firstly, I've stopped buying Jaguar parts that I really don't need off ebay; and secondly, that I haven't become one of the 170,000 strong cult that is the monthly readership of Tory commentator and professional blogger, Iain Dale.

The local Tory 'Curzon Supper Club' met on Thursday evening at 'The Half Moon' in Windlesham, with Iain Dale as special guest and after dinner speaker. A taller man than he looks in the pictures, Iain was able to provide us not only with an insight into blogs, but also some very interesting anecdotes about some of the major players in British politics, some of whom Iain had dealings with personally; Peter Mandelson, to drop but one name.

Iain also talked about the campaign trail as a Tory Parliamentary Candidate and his desire to become selected once again to fight the forthcoming election as a candiate. But given his nose for information and his ability ably demonstrated thus far, I for one think that would be a loss to the media world; which has so far for example seen a recent survey deem him the 66th most influential man in Britain, one in front of the Foreign Secretary and would be leader of the Labour Party, David Milliband.


The 'Curzon Supper Club' meets periodically and traditionally encourages less traditional Tories as guests. For more information about the next dinner contact the Chairman, Robin Horsley.

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