Monday, 21 December 2009

Division 58 Chaos!

Monday 21st December

Cllr Mrs Valerie White of Windlesham Parish Council had called me this morning to report that Connaught Park in Bagshot was effectively cut off. She had drawn a blank through the normal channels and had asked if I might expedite matters, particularly with reference to salt and gritting. I had made some enquiries and was still awaiting a response myself from the highways team when I saw some spreading trucks heading towards Bagshot this afternoon. I'm hopeful that some of those gritters got to Connaught Park.

My family and I had endured a testing journey ourselves on the way back from 'Sainsbury's' this afternoon and had elected to try to get up Briar Avenue rather than sit in the traffic listening to our one year old get increasingly hungry...! Lucklily for us we made it; regrettably for others they were still in the traffic and indeed, about forty minutes after we returned home I saw a Comet truck that we had been sitting behind creep past MacDonald Road. He'd made about 500m of progress in that forty minutes.

So, I've just stepped back into the house after an hour and a half of instructing motorists that 'Red Road' was proving to be too treacherous for some, causing traffic chaos and that they should find an alternative route if at all possible. Evidently the gritters hadn't made it to Red Road yet.


  1. They never made it to Connaught Park. Surprise surprise.

    Valerie White

  2. Yes - so I hear.
    Its been particularly frustrating to learn that the re-prioritisation of the roads have left some omissions. While I'd sooner be sure that the County kept the arterial routes open, there must be a way of doing some sort of 'hotspot' gritting, such as in the case of Whitmoor Road, even if it's a case of opening up the grit depots.
    I'll look into this with Ian Lake in the New Year.