Thursday, 3 September 2009

Camberley's Wild West

Tuesday 1st September

Following a recent meeting of the Council, Surrey Heath's Mayor, Cllr Craig Fennell and I took the opportunity to catch up on matters Surrey Heath in one of Camberley's pubs. Most of my recent forays into Camberley Town Centre of an evening had been with the Police - as an invited guest you understand - or with the Licensing Enforcers, but this particular evening, unencumbered as it were by a brace of coppers we were able to observe behaviour unfettered.

Park Street and the Atrium had a relaxed feel and I'd have little hesitation in taking my family into town to eat of an evening, which is a complete change from when I used to drink in 'The Carpenters' Arms' in the early 1990's. But frankly, the High Street had become a much more lively place and was a little like I imagined the 'Wild West' would have been after a particularly long cattle drive. Thankfully without the pistols.
And although late, as we walked back to our cars parked safely at Surrey Heath House we narrowly avoided two seperate confrontations with 'enthusiastic' revellers.
Perhaps it was the weather.

Having experienced both sides of this town's nightlife again as 'revellers', the Mayor and I discussed and ultimately disagreed on the subject of evening entertainment in Camberley.
As Vice Chair of the Licensing Committee at Surrey Heath, I'm particularly aware of the concerns of local residents and feel that strong management of revellers is the key. Craig would prefer to shut it. Then, as a chap who bought his first drink in a Camberley pub, perhaps some of Camberley's 'Wild West' element still beckons to me.

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