Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fortune Favours the Brave

Tuesday 2nd June

Out and about in Windlesham last night, the team - comprising Cllr Wayne Henderson, Guy Eaglestone and myself - happened upon a number of fortuitous happenstances, all of which I'm certain will aid our campaign...

First off, I bumped into a young woman with a familiar look and who I wondered whether I knew. As it turned out, we attended primary school together in the '70's suggesting that we hadn't met for approximately 30 years! Liz and her partner subsequently assured us of their support on Thursday and were most agreeable to show their support by way of a 'Local Conservative' diamond poster on their front lawn.

A similar thing happened to Cllr Henderson who spent half of the evening discussing historical local politics with a couple that he used to know in Windlesham. Similarly, they were more than happy to have a board up and even offered to help with 'telling' at the polling stations on Thursday.

Finally, after a long evening of campaigning involving leaflets, canvassing and poster erections, we adjourned to the local pub to discuss the next campaigning step only to find Mo Preece and a pal of hers enjoying the summer evening. Mo was one of the most vocal supporters during our recent trip to the Nationwide HQ at Swindon. After lamenting the loss of the Nationwide in Bagshot and the continuing expenses scandal, we moved into a debate about other local issues which I hope may have caught the hearts and indeed the imaginations of all involved.

All in all, a most satisfying - and singularly unusual - evening's campaigning.

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